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Tim Walla is an experienced NFLPA Registered Player Financial Advisor and a Certified Financial Planner™.

Some of you visiting this page already have a financial advisor, but we ask that you consider what we have to offer and keep our team in mind when you’re ready to make a change. We’ll always be available to answer your questions and provide you with the information you need to make a suitable decision.

The 3 Plays to Help Ensure Financial Success in the NFL:

1. Organization     2. Education     3. Accountability

Play 1: Organization
You need to know what you make, what you spend, what you own, and what you owe. There is no shortcut. We provide our NFL Players with all of the tools they need to stay on track.

  • Private Banking through an NFS Brokerage Portfolio account gives you all the flexibility of a private checking account along with the earnings potential of an investment account.
  • Client WealthView is our online system that gives you complete organization for all of your financial information.

Play 2: Education
We know that our NFL Players are not financial professionals…and we don’t expect them to be. However, we do expect our NFL Players to make an effort to learn more about their finances every year, so that they’re always making progress.

Our team is always available to help teach you how to be responsible with your money, how to grow and protect your wealth, and how to make your money work for you.


Play 3: Accountability
Did you know that 75% of NFL Players will spend all of their NFL earnings within 5 years of leaving the league? (Source: NFLPA)

To encourage financial accountability, our team conducts a monthly conference call with each of our NFL Players (agents optional) to review their spending/saving/investing reports. It’s like watching a game tape of your financial performance each month, and will help to keep you accountable to the goals that you want to achieve.

Our Services for NFL Players:

Financial Planning

The career of an NFL Player is different than other careers, and it requires the right experience and tools to be successful. Our team helps each of our NFL Players with things like budgeting, cash flow, spending, saving and investing. We understand the benefit plans provided by the NFLPA and how to maximize them for our NFL Players, and we also teach our NFL Players how to plan for their second career and beyond.

Investment Management

NFL Players like to see their hard work on the field pay off. They also like to see their investments working hard for their future. Our professional investment team knows how to build investment portfolios that generate wealth for the long-term. As an independent firm, Walla Street has access to a wider range of investment products and strategies than other firms, which allows us to build the optimum portfolio for our clients’ needs.

Risk Management

NFL Players understand that they need to plan for the unexpected. In addition to the insurance coverage provided by the NFLPA during your career, it’s important that NFL Players also have the right protection for their family, life, auto, home, etc. We have licensed insurance agents on staff and will shop the industry to find the best rates for the insurance coverage that our NFL Players need.

Tax Preparation

NFL Players encounter unique situations when filing income taxes due to the “jock tax” and high income tax rates. The CPAs that we work with are familiar with these situations and are experienced in all aspects of tax preparation for NFL Players. We do not prepare taxes in-house and only utilize outside CPAs with which we are familiar as an added measure of protection for our NFL Players.

Legal Documentation

NFL Players are best served when an Attorney is also part of their financial team. Legal documents such as wills, trusts, powers of attorney, prenuptial agreements, etc. are common among NFL Players and should be drafted by an experienced Attorney. We do not draft legal documents in-house and only utilize outside Attorneys with which we are familiar as an added measure of protection for our NFL Players.

Concierge Services

NFL Players have tremendous demands on their time and energy during the football season. For this reason, we have developed relationships with various service providers to help our NFL Players in the following areas: Buying/Selling Real Estate, Home Loan Services, etc.

A good relationship is based on good communication.

We are committed to understanding your financial situation, clearly explaining our
recommendations, regularly monitoring your plans, and proactively recommending
adjustments when necessary.

Fully invested in your future.