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Walla Street Wealth Management provides an unbiased approach to the appropriate risk management strategies and techniques to meet both your short-term and long-term needs.


Risk Management

An optimized risk management strategy is an essential component of comprehensive financial planning. As you encounter both the expected milestones (like getting married, having children or buying a home) and the unexpected difficulties (like an accident, illness or disability) that shape your life's journey, an optimized risk management strategy can help to protect your assets as you continue to pursue your financial goals and objectives.

Our Philosophy of Risk Management

As an integrated component of our services strategy, Risk Management may be the most often misunderstood by consumers. The fact is that not everyone needs life insurance, or disability income insurance, or even long-term care insurance.

At Walla Street, we view Risk Management as a two-step process:

1. Identifying the risks that may exist
2. Determining a strategy to help mitigate those risks.

We also feel that risks must be analyzed purely within the confines of your specific financial situation. Our clients face a multitude of risks every day - illness, divorce, death, market corrections, accidents, etc. As our wealth management team plans for your future, we have determined that there are three core strategies when developing an optimized risk management plan - avoid the risk, retain the risk, or transfer the risk.

• Avoid the Risk

Avoiding Risk involves changing your plans in order to prevent the risk from arising (e.g., not driving a car avoids the risk of a potential car accident).

• Retain the Risk

Retaining Risk involves taking the chance that the negative impact will be incurred (e.g., choosing to self-insure rather than buying a homeowner's insurance policy).

• Transfer the Risk

Transferring Risk involves outsourcing the risk to a capable third party (e.g., buying disability income insurance transfers the financial risk of a disability to the insurance company).

We view the role of insurance as simply a method for transferring risk from you to an insurance company in exchange for a payment. Our wealth management team's role in the risk management process is to analyze each of the risks that you may encounter, and to determine which of those risks should be avoided, which risks should be retained, and which risks should be transferred.

Risk Management by Transferring Risk

Our wealth management team will work directly with you to determine which risks to transfer by helping to define the appropriate type, amount and features of insurance coverage according to your objectives. With Walla Street's unbiased analysis of your life, health, disability income, and long-term care insurance policies, you will gain a thorough understanding of the protection that you currently have in place, and our independence from insurance companies will help assure you that our objective recommendations will always be in your best interest.

Types of Insurance

It's important to have enough insurance protection in place in the event that something unexpected should happen to you or your loved ones. There are a number of types of insurance products to consider based on your particular life situation and investment needs:

  • Life Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Disability Income Insurance
  • Long-Term Care Insurance
  • Guaranteed Minimum Withdrawal Benefits

As an independent firm, Walla Street has access to hundreds of insurance carriers nationwide - representing thousands of available insurance products. This flexibility allows our wealth management team to offer only the most competitive combination of coverage and rate in the industry.

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